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2 Super Chia Charged Salads

April 27, 2015

Here are 2 delicious, quick and easy salad ideas for you to try, you could even adapt them and add other ingredients that you like.

The first is a Couscous salad: 

To make this you simply need


*Carrot either chopped or grated

*Chia Charge savoury trail mix

*cherry tomatoes

*mixed herbs

*Red/yellow/green pepper


*A generous sprinkling of chia seeds

I have not added amounts as I think this is personal preference and I like to just chop up however much I feel like having at the time.  The trail mix also goes perfectly with this adding a little crunch.

Next is a protein, omega3 and good fats packed salad: 

To make this you will simply need to mix the following ingredients together:

*Peppered Makerel fillets


*Mixed salad leaves

*A generous sprinkle of chia seeds

*Beetroot (can you tell I love beetroot!)


*French salad dressing OR Hummus

Again I have not added amounts that's your personal preference, this salad has to be one of my favourite lunches I absolutely love it.

Finally as a bonus I had a salad idea which I haven't tried yet but reckon it will be fab (keep an eye on twitter for some pics and updates on this), it contains:

Chicken slices (pre cooked, could be plain, sweet chilli, barbecue etc), mixed salad leaves, red/yellow/green pepper, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot and finally some coconut chia nut butter (this goes amazingly well with chicken).

I hope you have fun trying these out and experimenting with your own ideas.  My next recipe should be a chia style malt loaf but I am still refining the recipe, it will be here soon.