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2012 - 2013 Press Roundup

March 28, 2014

May 2013

- The Guardian featured Chia Charge in the 'Guide To Running: Food and Drink Supplements Tested'. The article highlights a number of popular and mostly natural sports nutritional brands and highlights the benefits of Chia Charge.

"The flapjack is very tasty indeed, but also very substantial. Chia seeds are supposed to be great for you, packed with Omega 3s and the like, but there's not a lot of protein in this bar compared to the carbs."

Read it in full here.

April 2013

- Blogger Stewart Liesnham has been writing about the benefits of sodium and chia charge here lifewithnissanleaf . Jolly nice of him and good luck to him in his Ultra efforts.

March 2013

- Chia Charge featured in the March 2013 Issue of Running Fitness. Running Fitness continue to write great things about Chia Charge, I think they get the idea behind real food for fitness.

February 2013

- Chia Charge featured in the the Men's Running Newsletter with a nice piece about Chia seeds, books and our delicious Chia Charge Flapjacks.

January / February 2013

- Early 2013, we were excited to be running this advert in Women's Running Magazine as well as Men's Running magazine.

September 2012

- West London Runner and Blogger Rachel - Fairweatherunner blog - enjoyed her first batch of Chia Charge and confirmed she'll be using it in her next marathon.

"All in all, a good sports drink as a supplement to pre-race breakfast, before a long run or race and as a recovery drink. I’m certainly going to get myself some more for my marathon."

Read it in full here.

- Angela from warriorwoman running blog reviewed Chia Charge.
Read it here.

August 2012

- Run247 ran a fantastic article that helped to get the brand out there. Publicity for Chia seeds and Chia charge has grown more and more ever since!
Read it here.