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4 ways to eat Chia Charge flapjacks

January 18, 2016

I love the flapjacks and also love the fact you can do so much with them if you think outside the box so I thought I would share these ideas in a post?

Firstly the most obvious way which is quick and easy... Just eat straight from the packet, a delicious tasty snack that provides good energy perfect for fuelling long runs, cycles, walks and any other activities.  I personally love to have one mid ride as it really helps with the energy boost for the second part.  I am just reading about Mark Beaumonts cycle around the world and think some Chia Charge flapjacks would have been perfect fuel for him!

The second way is as a cheesecake base, they work perfectly as you can crumble them up but when squashed down again they create a perfect and delicious tasting base.  You could use any cheesecake recipe on top of the flapjack but here is one which doesn't need any chilling or baking and is so quick and easy to make but equally as tasty: Chia banana and blueberry cheesecake

Another way of using your flapjacks in a dessert is to create a topping for a fruit crumble.  So simple and easy just replace your normal topping with some flapjacks crumbled down and sprinkled on top of the fruit then bake until crisp and golden.  It will work with any fruit combinations so why not be creative and try some unusual mixtures of fruit?

 Finally you could turn your flapjack into porridge!  Sounds unusual but when racing abroad this year I really fancied porridge so broke a flapjack up and added boiling water in small amounts until I had a consistency I liked and it was amazing!  It worked so well and is handy if you are travelling and only have hot water and flapjacks available.

Hope you enjoy and try some of these ideas, if you do please share on Facebook and Twitter and if you have any other ideas share those too.