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Best Bottles for Drinking Chia (on the move)

September 08, 2014 0 Comments

Drinking seeds sounds a bit novel at best and judging by some of the looks I get at Expos and races, possibly a bit weird. Whereas I think it’s weird if people don’t run for a hobby, so who knows what normal is? Drinking seeds is all fine if you are drinking out of a glass of course or a wide topped bottle.

But what happens when you want to drink the seeds and go for a run?The 4 bottles that I know runners are regularly using are:

  • Highland Spring 500ml sports bottle
  • Nathan
  • Sports Direct
  • SIS 750

The bottle top on the Highland Spring bottle and the others is wide enough to allow the hydrated seeds through easily, even if you are on the run.

Thanks to the following runners who shared their knowledge and sometimes their bottles, Sarah Booth, Kelly Jackson and Tony Holland.

If you have any questions or have something to share please let me now, tweet me @RunningTimT