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Chia Muesli

May 07, 2014

 This is a recipe created by myself Tim. The recipe provides a perfect balanced breakfast that contains chia seeds. Note that there is the option to add protein to this Chia Charged recipe.

You will need

- Oats 250 grams
- Sunflower seeds (toasted) 200 grams
- Chia seeds 150 grams
- Thomson Raisins 250 grams
- Chopped cashews 150 grams
- Sea salt flakes 8 grams
- Protein (optional use whey or rice/pea blend) 150 grams
- Cacoa Nibs 100 grams


Mix it all up and store in an air tight container.
This recipe should leave you with 10 -15 servings depending on how hungry you are at breakfast!

If you try any of these recipes please send us a pic or let us know how they go, tweet @ChiaCharge