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December 11, 2018

When it comes to caring for the environment we've got an incredibly straightforward approach both at Chia Charge and in our personal lives. If we can make a simple change that will allow us reduce, reuse or recycle a material then that's exactly what we'll do. After all as trail runners, mountain bikers and hikers anything we can do to keep the planet healthy is a win in our book.  

So here are five little things we've been doing every day this year to do our bit for planet.

1. Reusing Boxes

Every now and then you might notice that a box of flapjacks you received or bought from the shop has a few extra labels on the back or maybe one of the corners is a tad scuffed. Don't worry this isn't us getting forgetful, this is all part of the simplest way we reduce our carbon footprint! We're on a mission to reuse as many of our flapjack and karma boxes as we can. In fact there's a box in our office right now that's been used 8 times before being retired (or more accurately recycled). 


2. Bake Locally 


We've always been proud of the fact all our Flapjacks are baked in Yorkshire for two reasons. The first is that we love to be able to support other local businesses and the second is that it cuts down on unnecessary flapjack travel. 

Instead of getting our bars baked on the other side of the country or even further afield, we went for the local option and choose to get them made just up the road in Northallerton, Yorkshire. This means that every bar you get from us has only travelled as far as it needs to. 

3. DPD Carbon Neutral

If you spend over £25 online we send out your chia goodness next day via DPD. Which is great but what's even more exciting is that since 2013 DPD has ensured that every parcel they deliver is done so in a carbon neutral manner. You can read more about the environmental work they are doing here

4. Cutting Down on Plastic


 This year we have cut down the plastic used in two of our products. The first is in our 200g chia seeds bag, where by changing the bag design we've halved the amount of plastic used per bag. The second is in our Peanut Butter Bar packaging, where we have cut out all the excess plastic saving a surprising amount of plastic used.   

5. 1% for the Planet

For every purchase you make through us whether that's at an expo, a race or online we give 1% of that to charities we love through the great folks at 1% for the planet. Two of the Charities that we give to are the incredibly similarly named Recyke-a-bike and Recycke y'Bike, who take used bikes from the public and restore them to their former glory. They then get them out to the people who need them most, both keeping bikes out of landfills and cars off the road. 

What's more through the amazing charity - Trees for Life we have had 260 trees planted in their Chia Charge Grove in the Scottish Highlands this year.