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Introducing the obstacle course elite

April 04, 2014 0 Comments

At Chia Charge, as well as fueling the sport we support a number of athletes. We checked in with Sam, an obstacle course elite about his training, his experience so far and of course, his favourite Chia Charge product! Read our Q&A below.


Please could you introduce yourself and also the RPCC Elite team? How did you find yourself taking part in obstacle course races?

My name is Sam Cherry, I'm a serving Royal Marines Commando and Elite Obstacle Racer. My Team RPCC Elite is one of the top teams in the UK. We currently have 10 elite athletes in the team.

What is a training session like for you? Where do you train?

We do a lot of different training, mainly endurance running and body weight circuits. We also do a lot of Olympic lifting and Crossfit.

Whats the hardest thing you face in training for these races? What keeps you going?

We want to be the best team in UK and really promote this fantastic sport. In order to do that we need the best results. The whole team is very motivated to keep improving at every race and always trying to better our times and results. Because we are such a close team and everyone trains so hard it's hard to slack off as the others will just keep pushing you. This makes it a lot better than training on your own.


What's the craziest assault course that you have taken part in? Do you have any big events coming up that you are focusing on with your training?

The craziest has to be The Nuts Challenge in surrey, RPCC Elite raced this year in March. It's 28k of mud, hills, ice cold water and big big obstacles. Which takes a real toll on your body if you don't have the correct equipment and if you don't re fuel on the way your body will start shutting down, Lucky I had a Chia Charge flapjack after every 7k and managed a 4th place. Out of the 250 starters only 18 finished the race.

Can you tell us about your favourite Chia Charge products and how you will use them in your training and events?

The RPCC Elite Team generally loves the flapjacks. We will use them throughout the year to fuel our bodies for the demanding training and races we take part in. If a race is over a certain distance we have sometimes have pit stops so to say where we get to quickly eat and refuel our body's, that's when the flapjack works great. 

A huge thanks to Sam for taking the time to talk to us. If you’d like to know more about RPCC visit there site by clicking here.