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Making Chia Seed Drinks - the basics

September 07, 2014


The seeds will take 10-20 minutes to hydrate

You are making a real food drink with real food, so it might take a tiny bit of attention and a few extra seconds, but like anything once you've worked out your system, it will become second nature.

Add the seeds to an empty bottle, then fill to the top with cold water (or milk). I recommend doing it in this order as its very easy to forget to leave enough space at the top for the seeds! Seeds first, water second, works everytime!

Give the bottle a shake for a few seconds.

If you are preparing the drink for the next day: store in a cool place or the fridge overnight, ideally laying on its side (to avoid the seeds rising and blocking the neck of the bottle).

If you are going straight out for your run:happy days, as long as you continue to move, the seeds shouldn’t block the neck.
It’s ready to drink after 10+ minutes.

You can drink the drink straight away. The seeds will be harder at first and will continue hydrating in your stomach.
Top Tip: If you found yourself really up the trail without a bottle, you can just throw the seeds in your mouth and drink from a clean beck.

Some don’ts (I’ve done most of these!)

  • Don’t allow the unhydrated seeds to set or be stationary in the neck of the bottle, they might just set and block the neck, and you’ll have to dig them out.
  • Don’t leave made up chia drinks in warm cars or anywhere they might ferment, once they get really warm they may be blow the lid off the bottle (exciting but messy).
  • Don’t block your hydration bladder up with chia seeds, they can work, but you need to really give the seeds plenty of time to hydrate and not form lumps before adding them to your bladder.
  • Don’t run with scissors.

Thanks to the following runners who shared their knowledge and sometimes their bottles, Sarah Booth, Kelly Jackson and Tony Holland.
If you have any questions or have something to share please let me now