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May 17, 2022

You have 10 days to do the 3 Peaks of Great Britain, sounds easy.....

We love crazy events, and when we heard about this, we had to be involved, even if only at the edges!  Read on for information about a really mad race.



Date Fri 3rd-13 June 2022 5am from Ben Nevis visitor centre car park (10+ days)

This will be an extremely difficult challenge to complete and it's expected that only a few will finish.

The approximate total distance will be around 430-450 miles and you should prepare to tackle this in a hard almost self supported style.

It will be classed as a non-stop event (the clock keeps ticking), however you need to treat it like a stage race and get plenty of rest at indoor CP’s. We cannot guarantee support to runners pushing beyond a sensible pace of around 50 miles per day.

Support is limited with one main indoor CP per day and between the main CP’s we will offer a basic water/snack/energy bar stop approximately every 20-25 miles. You should carry money to subsidise this at shops.

Main indoor CP’s will be every 50-65 miles, where you can access one medium sized drop bag.

You will be allowed one hot meal per main CP (something like jacket potato, pasta, soup etc)

Each indoor CP will have a strict cut-off time for ENTRY and EXIT to keep the race moving forward. These closures will not be flexible.


The terrain will mainly be the shortest route between the peaks by road/cycle path, but the first 100 miles will be off-road on the West Highland Way.

Indoor CPS will be at Tyndrum, Milngavie, Beattock, Rosley (Carlisle), Borrowdale, Langdale, Carnforth, Preston, Runcorn, Denbigh then to Snowdon.

You will have mountain safety at Ben Nevis ensuring the correct route.

You will be accompanied by a mountain guide to the summit of Scafell (you will not be allowed to tackle this alone) The climb will be the corridor route from Borrowdale to summit then off eastwards to Langdale.

Snowdon will be the tourist (train route) from Llanberis.

Your journey ends when you return to the base of Snowdon.

Most of the route will be on paths and roads. You MUST be FULLY visible for the duration of the race with high viz AND front and rear lighting.

You will be instantly eliminated from the event if you are deemed a risk in ANYWAY including visibility, exhaustion, not following near the suggested route.

We CANNOT accept responsibility for your road safety and you MUST adhere to the highway code at all times and not take unnecessary risks.

You MUST get personal insurance for the event. We cannot cover you for this distance. 

 Love the FAQs



There's no danger that anyone in the Chia Charge team will be entering this year for sure. Best of luck to all.