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Simple and Natural Ways to Boost Energy

July 18, 2016 0 Comments

When you’re working hard with early mornings, trying to fit in exercise and also making time to actually enjoy yourself too, sometimes your energy levels can feel low. In order to keep up with our busy schedules, it’s important to try and feel as energised as possible. The best way to do so is with our diet, which can go a long way to improve our energy and our general mood each and every day. Here are our favorite energy boosting foods and tips…


Our title suggested simple tips! Water is truly one of the best ways to boost energy levels. Did you know that more often than not when we are feeling tired it is actually because we are dehydrated? One of the easiest ways to boost your energy levels on a daily basis is to ensure you’re drinking 2 litres of water every day, there are loads of apps that can help you track how much water your drinking, or if you prefer a more simple approach, if you’re feeling tired try knocking back a pint of water and see what a difference it makes.


Ah lovely little nuts! At Chia Charge we are big fans of the humble but oh-so mighty nut. High in protein and essential fats, and also unprocessed and all natural, nuts are the ideal snack to pick yourself up when feeling a little sleepy. We highly recommend our nut butters, which can be enjoyed by themselves, or perhaps spread onto whole grain toast. One of our favourite ways to eat nut butters is spread onto sliced apple pieces. Try our chocolate nut butter for a healthy treat.

Protein Bars

Foods that are high in protein keep you fuller for longer, and essentially going for longer. Protein is one of those things that can be a little tricky to top up on when on the go, making protein bars the ideal option. Where possible, choose bars with all natural ingredients, as it’s the nutritionally dense ingredients that really work to boost energy. Our vegan protein bars and also gluten free, and provide that energy boost when you need it most.

Chia Seeds