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Three Ways to Use Chia Seeds

August 08, 2016 0 Comments

Chia seeds can be a fantastic addition to your diet. High in protein, fiber, omega-3, calcium, potassium and magnesium, chia seeds are a really simple way to increase daily nutrients and ensure your body is fighting fit. Particularly great if you are exercising regularly, due to their high protein content chia seeds are perfect to assist the body with repairing and regenerating muscle.

Chia seeds are also really versatile, meaning you can eat them in lots of different ways. Here are our three favourite ways to use chia seeds…

In a pudding…

The chia seed pudding is a wonderful thing! Imagine a lovely comforting little pudding, that’s completely healthy and takes just moments to prepare? We kid you not, it’s an actual thing, chia seeds make a truly fantastic pudding alternative. Because chia seeds soak up liquid, when made with soy milk, almond milk or similar, they make a lovely set pudding that’s thick and creamy.

Simply make the night before by adding chia seeds to a jar and topping up with milk, add some spices such as cinnamon and a little natural sweeter like honey or maple syrup, shake well and leave to set, it’s really that simple.

In your breakfast…

Chia seeds make a great alternative to porridge. While you could even have your chia seed pudding for breakfast, for colder mornings we love a chia seed porridge. Try this:

Add four tablespoons of chia seeds to a microwave proof bowl, followed by four tablespoons of flax meal. Then add two tablespoons of desiccated coconut and two of simple porridge oats. Next stir in water or a dairy free milk alternative to cover and stir well. Pop in the microwave for around a minute until thick like a porridge, top with berries or other fruit and serve. Add a little honey or similar if you need that added sweetness.

In a smoothie…

Enrich your smoothies and make them more nutritionally dense by adding a handful of chia seeds. Just a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds in a smoothie makes them ten times better. Add to your current smoothie recipe, or try adding to a smoothie bowl by sprinkling on top.

At Chia Charge, our chia seeds are 100% natural and gluten free and are perfect to add to your daily diet. Take a look at our chia products now.