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Train insane with live INSANITY classes!

January 08, 2015

In the first month of the year,  lots of us might look at a new fitness regime, or just changing up our usual training, a bit of body shock adds interest and lets your body know who is in charge.

Thanks Tanya at http://www.tanyanfitness.com for providing the following.

best selling home workout program but now you can experience INSANITY with the extra encouragement and motivation in a live class. Get ready to shred fat, burn calories, tone muscle and get in the best shape of your life, INSANITY live has got what it takes to make you (as Shaun T says) ‘DIG DEEPER’.

INSANITY is a revolutionary cardio-based total-body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training.  Unlike traditional HIIT workouts that feature short bursts of maximum intensity with longer periods of rest, INSANITY flips that formula upside-down trading short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest. But like HIIT, intensity is key, every interval must be performed with 100% effort. back for 30 seconds each with 30 seconds recovery. At the end of the third round we go straight into a 60 second power move to really finish off that block.

A common misconception is that you have to be super fit to do a class but INSANITY is suitable for ALL fitness levels, the key here is that as long as you work to your personal maximum capacity you will reap the same benefits as the person next to you and modifications are given for most moves so you choose which level best suits you.

Benefits of MAX Interval Training (INSANITY) include:

  • Calorie & fat burning up to 48 hours post workout (up to 1000 a class)
  • Building lean, toned (sexy) muscle
  • Healthy heart
  • Improved VO2 Max
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Get faster results

That incredible fat burn and the amazing total-body transformation INSANITY produces has made it one of the top-selling fitness programs of all time. With nearly 2 million DVDs sold there will never be a better time to get involved in LIVE INSANITY classes.

For more info, prices and bookings contact Tanya on 07796 077749 or TanyaNFitness@gmail.com

Website: http://www.tanyanfitness.com