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We've been Chia Charged

March 31, 2014

  As well as the individual reviews left on our product pages (be sure to check them out!) we get a lot of positive feedback via email and twitter. Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to write in - we appreciate hearing your thoughts, keep 'em coming.

"Your flapjacks are amazing! I ran the trail 13 on Sunday and tried your flapjack for the first time. I'm currently using torq for my fueling but with some flapjacks I think I might have finally got my nutrition sorted for my ironman in Bolton!! Big love for chia!!" - Jane

"Hi, I tried your chia charge flapjacks prior to The Wall last year, found them a little crumbly for on the go, but loved the taste. Tried them again at Northumberland Coastal and was hooked. Now getting them from Rat Race and eating on mid-long runs. It's now definitely my main fuel of choice. Great flavour and packs an awesome hit when needed.

Great work. Next time I need a new box I'm looking forward to trying the new banana flavour." - Barry

"Hello, Just wanted to say Thank you for the sample flapjack in the Bristol Half marathon goody bag from a couple of weeks ago.

It was delicious and so satisfying. I have just received a pack of 20 from Rat Race and hope to enjoy them after future runs. I am gald I have discovered you and your wonderful product." - Nicholas

"I received my Chia bars yesterday and they are FANTASTIC. Thank you for the Chia Charge, which I will try tomorrow on my run. The Chia bars are going to SA for an ultra on Easter weekend!!
Thank you for your excellent service (and delicious products)." - Denise

"Hi Tim. 20 mile run fueled by the magical chia charge went well so positive it should all go ok. Are you doing roseberry? I'm either going to marsall or run the HM depending on how the legs feel after the 50K." - Anna