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About us

Tim from Chia ChargeTim Taylor - Founder

So how come I decided that sports nutrition should be nice to eat as well as help your active lifestyle? Being active is a positive lifestyle choice and you should be rewarded with good stuff to eat that makes you smile, not grimace.

I’m Tim; man turned chef turned NPD Food Technologist turned runner, turned chia enthusiast.


My duel passion for food and exercise are well suited as I get the chance to eat loads and then go for a run! In 2013 I did 12 marathons (1 short of my target!) and although I’m hoping to do 1 or 2 longer runs in the future, I expect the demands of Chia Charge will mean that I am able to enter fewer events in total.  I will be attending loads of races and expos with our pop up shop this year.

It is my belief that food - in particular sports nutrition - should be more than just fuel to keep the body going. Having tried a few sport nutrition and energy products I came to the conclusion that whoever makes these things was at the back of the queue when taste buds were handed out! Sitting down to a delicious meal is easy enough, so why shouldn’t sports food be delicious too?

I soon came to realise it doesn't have to be this way. A few years ago I started developing my own formulations in the kitchen at home. I wanted to create food that tastes delicious and helps you perform, the result of which was Chia Charge. My company, which started from humble beginnings under the name of ‘Running Food’ (you can tell I’m originally a runner) harnessed the powerful nutritional value of Chia and made it delicious.

We are proud sponsors of the Hardmoors Races in North Yorkshire and the Lakeland 100 amongst many others  You will often see me at other random events if I can get a pass out :)

My passion for exercise on mixed terrain is ongoing. As well as cooking up delicious batches of Chia Charge you’ll find me running along eating it; I use it, I believe in it! Every year I look forward to attending numerous events to both participate and promote the benefits of the products I create. If you see me at one of the many events across the UK (and you most probably will) be sure to come say hello. Alternatively you can find me on my personal Twitter at: @runningtimt and I respond to all emails at timtaylor@chiacharge.co.uk

Thanks for reading this and keep running (swimming, cycling, trailing, and the rest!)


PS See where we are going this year - here!


Chris Bland - Marketing

Chris Bland

Chia Charge’s self declared resident strongman, as such you’re far more likely to find me in the gym, obscured by a cloud of chalk and ammonia than out running the trails. When the suns out and shining though, even I can’t resist the urge to get out in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and tackle a couple of hills. 

As a result of walking through life with a camera glued to my hand the majority of the pictures/videos on the Chia Charge site are my handiwork. You can reach me at chrisbland@chiacharge.co.uk