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Apple Crumble Limited Edition

Chia Charge




    These are our latest October 2017 Flapjack, maybe best with 

    10 flapjacks with no added sugar with apple juice concentrate and diced dried apple and a touch of cinnamon , it could make a great gift or maybe you just deserve it?


    Made In Yorkshire from proper ingredients to our own recipe.

    They are based on our ever popular Original Sea Salt Flapjack, EXCEPT No added sugar 


    Storage Instructions: Store flapjacks in a cool dry place, to be honest, you'd best hide them, even from yourself!

    Shelf Life:  I doubt they will hang around for long, but they will be fine for 6 months after you buy them. No body keeps them that long, some of our Special edition Christmas Flapjacks nearly made it on to eBay!


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