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Christmas Flapjacks 10 + 2 EXTRA FREE

Chia Charge

  • Our Christmas Flapjacks are back!!

    Last year our original stock of Christmas Flapjacks sold out in under 4 hours - that's over 2000 flapjacks! 

    It's Christmas for all of us health bugs too, whether we're running or cycling.

    We've gone all festive once again this year and made a limited run of our no added sugar Christmas Flapjacks - Banana Punch and Mulled Raisins.

    When they are gone..... you know the score.

    10 + 2 EXTRA FREE, in a nice presentation box , so it's easy to wrap for that tricky to buy for athlete!


    Banana Punch - We've put our real Banana pieces in Dark Rum for 24 hours and put a little bit of aromatic Cinnamon in to compliment the flavours. Not so much a punch, more a warm hug. 

    Mulled Raisins  - Raisin, Port and Ginger, the Raisins have been plumped up with Port for 24 hours before we've mixed them with a sprinkle of warming Ginger.  

    With 2 new varieties, they are 55g, smaller than our big flapjack, not as little as a mini. 

    Made in Yorkshire from proper ingredients to our own recipe.

    No added sugar, they are based on Dates, Oats, Butter 



    Storage Instructions: Store flapjacks in a cool dry place, as if they are going to be hanging around!

    Shelf Life:  If they do make it though Christmas untouched, they have a best before February date code on them, but I doubt you'll need to know that.



  • Variety Ingredients
    Banana Punch Dates and Bananas (dusted with rice flour)(Banana 13%), Oats, Butter, Rum  (6%), Chia Seeds (6%), Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt Flakes,. Allergens in BOLD
    Mulled Raisins Dates  (contain Rice Flour) , Oats, Butter, Raisins (contain Sulphur Dioxide)(13%), Port (6%), Chia Seeds (6%), Ground Ginger, Sea Salt Flakes, Ground Nutmeg.  Allergens in BOLD

  • Nutritional Information: Banana Punch Mulled Raisins
      per 100g per 55g flapjack per 100g per 55g flapjack
    kJ 1,730 952 1,693 931
    Kcal 411 226 402 221
    Protein g 6 3 6 3
    Carbohydrate g 49 27 48 27
    of which sugars 25 14 29 14
    Fat 20 11 20 11
    of which saturates 11 6 11 6
    Fibre g 5 3 5 3
    Salt based on sodium g 0.5 0.25 0.5 0.25




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