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September 14, 2017

We like sending out packages of Chia Charge goodness, we always pop in a little bit of inspiration for everyone, this is our compliments card inside (with a 20% discount code).

This year we have featured Jayson Cavill one of our supported athletes, here is Jayson in the Alps together with one of his favourite quotes.

 and also Anna Clarke, Anna has also just left us to study at York after working fantastically well in the CC office.

This is Annas card  (she does Crossfit and then wins triathlons for fun)

 If you have a favourite inspirational quote or saying why not send it to us with a great picture and who knows, you could be on the compliments cards soon.

Send a picture and your quote to chrisbland@chiacharge.co.uk

Just to complete the set here, are two more from our first series.