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Events We Support - Where will we be next?

What we've been up to in 2018

Every year we strive to get ourselves out of the office as much as possible and get out amongst the sports and athletes we fuel. Well in 2018 we certainly stepped up to that goal. Popping up all over the country with our pop up shop from the rather civilised London Marathon to the absolutely wild Macavalanche in the Scottish Highlands.



We've been at 

  • The Spine
  • Macavalanche
  • The London Ten Mile
  • The Yorkshire Cycle Show
  • The Hardmoors (including that snowy 55)
  • In Manchester with British Lead Climbing Champ Jen Wood 
  • Hopefell Winter Trail Race
  • The Cycle Show
  • In Derby with Commonwealth Boxing Champ Sandy Ryan
  • The London Marathon 
  • Endure 24
  • The Lakeland 50 (which Tim and Lisa ran) 

We have supported loads of events, and sometimes joining in,and more often manning a checkpoint, if your participating we do recommend training, it generally turns out better than turning up without preparation.

Giving practical support through product donation and physically being around to help encourage and facilitate and  help runners and riders is important to us, we get pleasure from seeing thousands of active people and hope we've been able to help in a modest way encouraging a healthier active lifestyle 

Over 50,000 Chia Charge Flapjacks have been given away powering riders and runners up and down hills and mountains, through mud, in all sorts of weathers.

We've been supporting events since since 2012, including the following, sorry if we've missed a few out. We have made many friends and found that our Real Food message resonates with thousands of people who plan to be active and eat real food for many yearss to come. If you see us out and about , be sure to say hello, we're always up for a chat and a selfie :)


Hardmoors Ultras

Hardmoors Trail Marathons

Lakeland 100 /  50 

Montane Trail 26 Races

Peak Runner

Spartan Races

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa

Dirty Dozen Obstacle Races       

Equinox 24 Hr

Velo 29

Kielder 101

Mudnificent 7 OCR

Rock Solid Obstacle Races

Cateran 55 /110 

Yorkshire True Grit