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Frequently Asked Questions

If this page has not answered a question you have in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Not only do I hope to answer your question but I hope to update this page so that it may answer it for others.

Where do chia seeds come from?

Chia is manly grown in South and Latin America, and this is where ours comes from Bolivia, Argentina or Mexico for example. The first batch of chia charge has been made using organic chia seeds. There are some grown in Australia also.You can find out more about the Superfood by clicking here.

Why do you use whole seeds?

The seeds are a food, this is a guiding principle of the business, its about real food, not mucked about with, and this is a natural way for them to be consumed.

Whole seeds do break down in the body, and this is the way I understand that chia is usually used, I like the natural gel that the seeds form in the bottle, and if I’m not running I like watching the way they float around in a drink.

What are the ingredients and nutritional information in chia charge raspberry?

Ingredients: Chia Seeds (70%), Raspberry Powder (freeze dried, 8%), Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavouring (contains sucralose), Stevia (natural sweetener)

Free from added sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, maize, meat, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavourings.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Chia forms a natural gel, please ensure you don’t allow this to set in the bottle neck, as it may block the mouth of the bottle. If you make the drink up a while before use, it is best stored on it’s side.

Why don’t you grind up the seeds, it might make it easier to drink?

The drinks I have tasted (imported from the US) using ground chia seeds end up looking like a kind sloppy porridge which I don’t find attractive or enjoy drinking, and when made up and left in the fridge overnight have developed unusual flavours. I think grinding up the seeds can start to break down the fats. Its whole seeds for me, and I like them that way.

My chia charge drinks are usually made the night before, I like my drinks cold drinks and I lay the bottle on its side in the fridge to stop the seeds blocking the mouthpiece.

Making a drink the night before with ground chia seeds, means it ends up looking like wallpaper paste. Using whole seeds , means I get to look at all those health giving seeds floating around in my favourite drink every morning.

Are you launching any other products?

We certainly have a few more ideas up our sleeve but we can't mention much right now. Have an idea for a product - let us know!

Real food is central to your business, why do you use maltodextrin and citric acid in chia charge?

A good question! The maltodextrin is specifically in as a blending aid, because the natural sweetener stevia is so strong 180X more sweet than sugar, it is very difficult to weigh out and then blend evenly in a batch of chia charge. So what we do is mix the stevia with maltodextrin to bulk it out and then mix it with the rest of the ingredients. A bit like mixing salt with the flour when you make bread at home (you do make your own bread right?).

The citric acid is added purely for flavour, I couldn’t get the right sweet/acid balance using natural flavouring and raspberry powder alone so had to add this. If any flavouring people out there have a better solution please let me know, I would love to use less ingredients.

Can I overdose my cyclists with chia seeds – example – if they have a couple of your flapjacks over a 20 hour period (that’s our cycling window) and then I added them to a banana and peanut butter sandwich – just a sprinkle – is that going to hurt?

Just a sprinkle would be fine, but not heaps to make them choke, make sure they have plenty of fluid, water and drinks are the stuff that makes the whole body work.
The government warning on packs of chia seeds, is more to do with EU protectionist regs, than any scientific facts.

Are the flapjacks free of dairy and gluten?

The flapjacks contain butter and we use regular oats rather than GF. All the other products, Karma Bars, Nut Butters are all Dairy Free.

What flavourings are used in your Karma bars?

The flavourings used are Natural Flavourings, in the Cocoa Karma, chocolate flavouring to help boost the flavour and similarly with the Coffee, a bit of natural coffee flavouring to boost the Coffee that is in there, hope this helps, please let me know of any other questions at all.

What gluten free options do you have in your range?

We don't do anything than can be declared gluten free, due to the legal levels of gluten freeness that have to be achieved (20 ppm or less of gluten or 0.002%). Our flapjacks all contain oats, these are not gluten free oats. The Karma bars and Protein bars have no gluten containing ingredients. The chia seeds and the nut butters have no gluten containing ingredients.

What do you suggest for pre race and post race for a half-marathon?

I would do half to 1 whole flapjack between 30 and 90 minutes before your run and then a protein bar afterwards, and/or a milk shake. Remember to try everything out during your training, nutrition, kit and pace are all best practised to ensure you are familiar with everything in time for race day. 

I have a serious nut allergy and was wondering if any of your products are suitable for me?

The Mini Flapjacks (berry, original and banana varieties) are all produced in a nut free factory as are the Banana, Berry and Original 80g Flapjacks, everything else whilst not peanut containing is in the "may be contaminated / traces of " category. 


Do you use Palm Oil in your products?

We don’t use it in any of our products, sustainable or otherwise.


What should I eat before and after a run?

Fuelling is like anything else in your running, you need to practise what works and what doesn't. I generally would have something an hour before I run for a long run. If you are doing 5K, you don't really need anything, if you are out running for a couple of hours it going to need some planning. After a run you need to reload with the right things, Renee has written a good blog over here, please have a read of that and hopefully you'll get some ideas for you.


Are your flapjacks wheat free?

Oats allegedly can be contaminated in the field by wheat growing alongside the oats We don't use gluten free oats, just regular oats. I'd suggest if you are very sensitive that you would be best going for products that are guaranteed gluten and wheat free. We are happy to say that we don't put wheat into the flapjacks, so if you're very sensitive to low levels of wheat, they might be best to not use Chia Charge flapjacks.


Which products have sugar in them?

Please make sure you understand the difference between No Sugar and No Added Sugar, the Karma Bars and the Berry Flapjacks have No Added Sugar, they do of course have sugar in them which comes from the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit (mainly dates) that is in the products. On all the product pages, the nutritional ingredients are on a tab, next to the tab for the ingredients, the tabs are highlighted yellow in the screenshot below.

If this page has not answered a question you have in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Not only do I hope to answer your question but I hope to update this page so that it may answer it for others.