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November 23, 2018

One of the awesome things about making real food fuel that tastes great is that we get to support some really incredible athletes. And what a year 2018 has been for the Chia Charge athletes! We've had more champions and medals than we rightly know what to do with! 


Holly Page - Sky Running Classic Champ

There's running and there's sky running. They are remarkably similar except the second one involves running up and down some the steepest and challenging mountains in the world. And Holly is a phenom at it winning the Classic Championship and getting a bronze in the Single Day World Champs!

Not content with just one race series this year Holly has also managed to find time to win the Otter Trail South Africa: Golden Trail Series, run in the Trail Running World Champs and compete in her first triathlon (read the blog it's fantastic).  



Sandy Ryan - Commonwealth Boxing Champ

 Competing at the Commonwealth Games alone would be a life time goal for most athletes. But Sandy is far from normal, the Team GB boxer not only earned a place at the Games in Australia but then went on to win Gold!! With the Olympics looming ever closer, expect big things from Sandy.  

Donna Waring - Single Speed 24 hour World Champ 

Mountain biking is a crazy sport, riding at high speeds over muddy and treacherous terrian will always be mad. So take all that and then imagine repeating it non stop for 24 hours and you have Endurance Mountain Biking. While for non MTBers this might barely even conceivable, there's a hugely competitive scene out there. In which Donna is doing exceedingly well, winning the 2018 Single Speed World Title!     


Jen Wood - British Speed Climbing Champ

 As Climbing as finally been accepted into the Olympics as a fully fledged sport, the competitive climbing scene all over the world seems to of exploded. Which makes it even more impressive that Jen won the British Speed Climbing Championships! Not content with just one victory she's also been winning a whole host of local comps including most recently Blok Fest and a silver medal at the British Bouldering Champs.



Kim Cavill - Endure 24 Champ

Back when the sun was out and the days were long, we went down to just outside Leeds to cheer on Kim at the infamous Endure 24. A 24 hour trail race, where competitors complete as many 5 mile loops as possible. We knew that Kim was amazing long before this day but after watching her run a incredible 115 miles we knew for sure!