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November 22, 2018

Do you know anyone who retired from their job and suddenly got ill? Or someone who completed that big race that meant so much to them, only to feel lost and a bit depressed? A job gives you a purpose in life, something to do every day that – most of the time - can give you a sense of self and a feeling of being valued. The same goes for a goal race.

You work hard towards it, plan other life stuff around it, talk and think about it constantly. Once it’s over, no matter the result, you no longer have that purpose. So is purpose actually useful?

Purpose in running is not only useful but essential. You might be thinking, now hang on, running helps me escape from the confines of purpose, I just want do it to relax. But isn’t that purposeful in itself? If every run has a purpose, you’re more likely to make it part of your life and keep it that way.

Here’s how to make your running more purposeful and therefore, more permanent.

  1. Know why you're running. Every time you lace up your trainers, know why you are doing it. Is this an easy run to chill out, let go of the day and just move? Or is it a harder session where you really want to push yourself towards a goal?
  2. Don’t be afraid to change your purpose. If you are feeling ill, have a niggle or have more or less time than you planned, tweak the purpose of the session to suit you.
  3. Be proud of your purpose.Don’t let other people make you think it’s not right. If you want all your runs to be easy so that you can enjoy the scenery, or you want to do a shorter run than your friend because you’re not feeling it, then do it!

Make sure you know what you want from your run before you do it and practice with purpose!

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