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November 02, 2018

Runners get injured. It’s a fact and it always will be. Sometimes it’s our own fault: we run through a niggle, hoping it will go away and suddenly, it’s a stress fracture or a tear or a repetitive strain. We don’t do enough strength work or we don’t work on our poor form. Sometimes it’s an accident. We fall off a kerb or get pulled over by our crazy dogs and get sprained ankles… yes, I am talking about myself!

Being injured is one of the most testing things that can happen to a runner, because we just don’t want to stop and no other form of exercise will do. We complain and lament to anyone that will listen. But what do we actually do about it? I’ll tell you what I did and what will work for you if you can just shift your mindset.

1. Own your injury.

It is your responsibility to get better in the right way. Get the diagnosis, learn how to make it better, then get on and do it.

2. Invest in yourself.

If you love to run and want to get better, get help from people who are good at what they do. Don’t use Dr Google!


3. Look at it as an opportunity to do other things.

If it was an overuse injury, what more productive approach could you take than trying exercise that moves your body in different ways. Cycling, gym classes, lifting weights, yoga, swimming; the list is endless. Go and get good at something else and you will see benefits when you start running again too.

4. Think of the time away from running as your off season.

Too many recreational runners just don’t have a break but when you look at the elites, they cross train or stop altogether, sometimes for months at a time. Spend the time doing new training or learning a new skill and your body, brain and soul will be stronger and richer for it. Now, where did I put those crochet needles?