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June 22, 2021

We started Chia Charge out of our love for trail running, after testing and trying some of the products available.
Before starting Chia Charge I was starting to run multiple marathons per year, and found that adding chia seeds to my drinks seemed to help extend the amount  of time I could run for  (and reduce the amount of water I was running around with). After reading the book Born to Run I continued the drinks and energy bar experiments.
My exercise journey has changed over the years, but not my enjoyment of movement. From the  years when I have done 10+ marathons, I’m now finding I enjoy 1 or 2 big races a year, such as the Lakeland 50,  plus lots of time out on the moors together with the daily 7am WOD at Dominus Crossfit in York. 
I was convinced that runners, cyclists, hikers and everyone were deserving of much better tasting and performing products. We created our recipes without any of the weirdly named ingredients that we had never heard of, we baked and shared our flapjacks which quickly became popular.
Having set the bar much higher, we have gone on to develop more flavours and sizes, including protein bars which are great for recovery. 
In the early days we baked bars in our own kitchen, and quite quickly had to recruit a local baker to help with the successful growth of the brand
Now our energy bars, protein bars and chia seeds are all still produced proudly here in Yorkshire.

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Lisa Clarke
Lisa Clarke

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

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