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Our Story

Since 2012 Chia Charge has been making sports nutrition which not only helps you perform better but tastes great too. You won't find any oddities in our Yorkshire baked flapjacks either, just good honest kitchen cupboard ingredients that make you move and feel great.   

Here's just some of the feedback we've got over the years (click the video to see the latest reviews)


Our Products 

All our bars & butters have two things in common, they contain only real ingredients that taste fantastic and are easy to eat on the move. And secondly they are all supercharged with Chia Seeds, the century old superfood that are the pound for pound champions of the nutritional world.   

If you are new to Chia Charge we have a Sample Pack just for you. Featuring our entire range of bars for £10 with Free P & P

Our Team 

Tim Taylor - Founder

I’m Tim; man turned chef, turned Food Technologist, turned runner & chia enthusiast.

You can find me on me at events all over the country, or on insta at: timaylors and I respond to all emails at timtaylor@chiacharge.co.uk

Thanks for reading this and keep running (swimming, cycling, trailing, and the rest!) 


Lisa Clarke

Used to be the reluctant runner / marathon supporter, and now definitely the more runny one in the team. 

I can be found packing parcels and ensuring Chia Charge HQ is shipshape and then I'll either be training for my big event this year (its the Lakeland 50!), spinning or doing Crossfit.

Chris Bland - Marketing

If you happen to see us at an event, I'll be the one running round camera in hand burning through memory cards. Aside from running around taking photos, I'm also a sucker for proper running, not to mention strongman. 

You can reach me at chrisbland@chiacharge.co.uk


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