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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs  - Frequenly Asked Questions

Every time we are asked a question, we aim to add it to this list so I hope some of the answers below save you a bit of time, if you can’t be bothered to read on, just email, message, text or ring me up and ask,


Tim       facebook/chiacharge   @chiacharge  07957308634


Chia Seeds

Question Morning Tim

Stupid question time – can I overdose the cyclists with chia seeds – example – if they have a couple of your flapjacks over a 20 hour period (that’s our cycling window) and then I added them to a banana and peanut butter sandwich – just a sprinkle – is that going to hurt????

We leave for Ireland a week tomorrow – it seems to have taken ages to get here and now its racing towards us like a steam engine!! OMG I thought I was organised!   Best wishes Alex

Answer   Hi Alex

Just a sprinkle would be fine , but not heaps to make them choke, make sure they have plenty of fluid, water and drinks are the stuff that makes the whole body work. 

The government warning on packs of chia seeds, is more to do with EU protectionist regs, than any scientific facts., best wishes   Tim


Dairy Free
Question Are the flapjacks free of dairy and gluten? Thanks Russel

Answer Hi Russel

Thanks for your note.

The flapjacks contain butter and we use regular oats rather than GF.  All the other products, Karma Bars, Nut Butters are all Dairy Free.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a great day, best wishes  Tim


Delivery Costs –  We’ve tried to make this straightforward, just bear in mind people live in different places and buy different amounts as the rules are as follows.

Mainland UK  (except Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands and Islands,  Scilly Isles)

England, Scotland and Wales (excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands)

Less than £25  order value (after discounts)   Costs  £3.80 (except where products are clearly marked as FREE shipping - like sample packs),  and for smaller packages (less than 2kg)  we use Royal Mail 2nd class post. These take 2 to 3 working days for delivery and are often faster.  

More than £25 order value (after discounts) all of these orders are sent with FREE shipping,  we now use DPD next day courier service, if you have provided a mobile number and email address  this courier will text you to advise you of their expected time of arrival.

Orders are typically packed within 24 hours (Monday to Thursday), if you order on a Friday after 12 noon this may not be despatched until Monday as we are often travelling to an Trail, Ultra or  OCR race. 

Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands and Islands,  Scilly Isles

All packages will be sent Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel, even where this means multiple parcels are required as this is the most cost effective way of reching you. There is no reasonable cost next day service. 


We offer delivery to Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Republic of Ireland, this costs

£8 for small packages less than 1kg

£18 for 1-5 kgs, the most cost effective order is to buy 2 boxes of flapjacks for example.

FREE European postage if you spend more than £100


Discount Codes  - If you had one and it isn’t working, get in touch and tell us what’s happening, we’ll either fix it or give you a new one.



QuestionTim you have flavourings in the Karma bars, can you give me more information?

Answer Hi Sarah

Thanks for your note, I appreciate your sentiments, the flavourings used are Natural Flavourings, in the Cocoa Karma, chocolate flavouring to help boost the flavour and similarly with the Coffee, a bit of natural coffee flavouring to boost the Coffee that is in there, hope this helps, please let me know of any other questions at all.  Best wishes Tim


Gluten Free

Question   Hi Tim
Just wondering if you have any gluten free options in your range.
Kind regards

Answer  Hi Karen

Thanks for getting in touch.

We don't do anything than can be declared GF, due to the legal levels of gluten freeness that have to be achieved (20 ppm or less of gluten or 0.002%)

Our flapjacks all contain oats, these are not GF oats.

The Karma bars and Protein bars have no gluten containing ingredients

The chia seeds and the nut butters have no gluten containing ingredients. I hope that's helpful, we'll try and signpost this a bit more clearly.

Please let me know if I can provide any more information.

Best wishes



Marathon Fuelling
Question  From your products what do you suggest for pre race (in my case half marathon) and post race? Thanks Duncan

Answer   Hi Duncan, I would have half to 1 whole flapjack between 30 and 90 minutes before your run and then a protein bar afterwards,  and/or a milk shake.

Good luck in your half marathon, and remember to try everything out during your training, nutrition, kit and pace are all best practised to ensure you are familiar with everything in time for race day. 



Nuts -Question Hi, I have a serious nut allergy and was wondering if any of your products are suitable for me? I received a free sample at an obstacle race and was told that your products are made in a nut free environment... I just wanted to check since some of your products do contain nuts! 

AnswerHi Jo,

Thanks for the message, to be specific, the Berry flapjack you were given along with the Original flapjack and mini Banana flapjacka are all made in a nut free bakery.

We have products that contain nuts and they are made in another place.

best wishes



Order Not Arrived Yet?  If you spent over £25 your order should be with you very quickly  everything ordered by Noon on a weekday is despatched that day on a Next Working Day delivery with a text and or email alert telling you the ETA (assuming you gave us a mobile number or email address), if less than £25 it will be arriving by Royal Mail 2nd Class, so this takes up to 4 or 5 days depending on where you are in the UK and of course a bit longer at Christmas and other peak periods, please check you don’t have one of those Red Cards from the Post office stating they left it next door or at the local PO or sorting office, before getting in touch with us.  There’s more detail in the Delivery Costs question above.


Palm Oil – We don’t use it in any of our products, sustainable or otherwise.


Peanuts - The Mini Flapjacks (berry, original and banana varieties) are all produced in a nut free factory as are the Banana, Berry and Original 80g Flapjacks, everything else whilst not peanut containing is in the "may be contaminated / traces of " category. 


Retailers– Chia Charge is sold in lots of shops all over the UK and Europe if you want to find a shop near you have a look on this page.  If you want to sell Chia Charge get in touch directly with me timtaylor@chiacharge.co.uk


Running and Fueling

Question   Hi Tim! I've only tried one if the small bars so far ... nice! But I need to know when I should eat what, i.e. what to eat before a run and what to eat after, any advice please? Thank you :-)   Sue

Answer Hi Sue

Fueling is like anything else in your running Sue, you need to practise what works and what doesn't. I generally would have something an hour before I run for a long run. If you are doing 5K, you don't really need anything, if you are out running for a couple of hours it going to need some planning. After a run you need to reload with the right things, Renee has written a good blog over here,   please have a read of that and hopefully you'll get some ideas for you, thanks for your question.   best wishes



Wheat Free Flapjacks - Oats allegedly can be contaminated in the field by wheat growing alongside the oats

We don't use gluten free oats, just regular oats. I'd suggest if you are very sensitive that your friend would be best going for products that are guaranteed gluten and wheat free, 

We are happy to say that we don't put wheat into the flapjacks, if your friends is sensitive to low levels of wheat, they might be best to not use Chia Charge flapjacks.



Question - Can you tell me which products have sugar in them?

Answer – Pkease make sure you understand the difference between No Sugar and No Added Sugar, the Karma Bars and the Berry Flapjacks have No Added Sugar, they do of course have sugar in them which comes from the –urally occurring sugars in the fruit (mainly dates) that is in the products.

On all the product pages, the nutritional ingredients are on a tab, next to the tab for the ingredients, the tabs are highlighted yellow in the screenshot below.