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Sponsorship Chia Charge


At Chia Charge we love to hear about the amazing journeys that you are all on and of course we love it even more when our products come into those plans. Unfortunately though, we aren’t able to support everyone that contacts us, (despite how much as we'd like to). So, we've put together a quick guide of what we are looking for in potential athletes and sponsorships and how best to contact us.

Just a heads up, any messages we receive which ignore our suggested route of contact, are clearly generic or are lacking in basic information will sadly be discarded.

Learn what makes Chia Charge - Chia Charge

We started Chia Charge 8 years, as a better more natural way to fuel our own long runs. Since then we've done a lot and we're proud of it, so spend a couple of minutes researching us and see what we’re all about.

We want to know why you specifically thought Chia Charge would be the perfect fit for your adventures. Whether that's because you've used our bars in the past or why you’d like to start using them now.

We're on social media, have tonnes of blogs and an About Us full of information, so make the effort to take a look at them. Let us know how your plans would fit well with our brand and what we do.

Please follow the guidelines below and we will reply, generic emails and ignoring our guidelines for getting in touch may mean we can't reply.


What can you bring to Chia Charge?

We’re proud of the wild adventures that our bars fuel and relish the opportunity to make as big a deal about what your up to as we can. That means we’re after videos, pictures, posts, blogs and any other content you can come up with. Share with us some of your best examples of what you've done in the past and let us know what specifically you will provide us with. Don't forget if you’ve got a blog, Instagram page or anything else, be sure to include a link so we can have a good look.

Who do we support?

We love being outdoors and we love trail running even more. But we know that everyone is different and whether you're passion is for climbing or cycling we want to hear from you.

Though we support a range of elite athletes, that's absolutely not our only focus. We want to support awesome people with incredible stories, if that sounds like you then we want to hear from you.


How to contact us

If you’re looking to receive support from Chia Charge you should email timtaylor@chiacharge.co.uk directly. If you DM us, @ us on twitter or contact us in any other form you’ll receive a link to this page, so make sure you’ve read all the information on here before going further. We’ll try and reply as quick as possible but please be patient as we can get a little busy.