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November 02, 2018 0 Comments

As they say up my way, it’s turning!

The weather is certainly feeling a lot fresher at the moment as those golden, crisp days of autumn subside and we’re waking up to a layer of frost on the trails. As nice as it is not to be drenched in sweat every time you finish a run, it can also be tricky to know how to stay comfortable once the cold kicks in when you hit the trails.

Do you need new kit? New shoes? Some kind of special, technical headwear?? If you have never run in the cold weather before, or are perplexed about how to approach it, here are some ideas that you could try.

1. Layer Up.

A base layer, a mid layer and a jacket are perfect if it is very chilly, because more heat will be trapped between the layers and keep you warm. If you get too warm, you can always take something off too.

2. Grab Some Gloves.

Invest in some decent windproof gloves or mitts. Many people find their extremities get cold first and if you can’t use your fingers, you will find it difficult to eat, drink or deal with gates!

3. The Jacket. 

Do some research into jackets and get something functional. A lightweight, breathable, good quality waterproof will do the job of a windproof and then some, so you don’t always need to buy both.

4. Feed the Furnace.

Make sure you are eating and drinking well. It can be easy to not drink in colder weather, but you still need to stay hydrated for your body to function properly. You will also be burning more calories just to stay warm, so take plenty of snacks!

5. Enjoy it.

Enjoy the challenge and peace! The trails will get quieter as it gets colder, so embrace the chill and get out there!