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July 14, 2023

We are delighted to share a truly inspiring story with the Chia Charge community today! Our good friend and long time customer Bridget, has graciously provided us with an extensive race report from her recent Ironman race where she achieved an outstanding 2nd place finish. The dedication, strategic planning and nutrition that she put into her training and race day are truly worth reading. Let's get into the details.

The Rigorous Training Plan: Grit, Sweat, and Miles

Bridget's epic journey to the Ironman podium started on the 12th of December following a precise 30-week training plan until 9th July. During this time her efforts across the three disciplines were staggering:

  • Bike: A massive 3763 miles covered in 248 hours
  • Run: 815 miles over 123 hours
  • Swim: 206 miles over 107 hours

Her peak training week consisted of:

  • Monday: 1hr swim with intervals
  • Tuesday: Short brick (75 min bike into a 40 min run)
  • Wednesday: 1hr swim with intervals followed by a 90min bike ride later in the day
  • Thursday: 90min run
  • Friday: Rest or optional easy swim (1hr max)
  • Saturday: Long brick (6hr bike into a 40 min run)
  • Sunday: Long run (3hrs)

No time to stop at the pub!

The Power Source: Fueling with Chia Charge and Others 😉

During this demanding regime Bridget relied heavily on Chia Charge products for energy. For early morning swims our Pre Charge drink was a staple providing easily digestible energy that staved off cramps and stitches. You can see on the Pre-Charge page some of Bridget's stats where she believes pre-fuelling properly has enabled her to maintain pace through her tough sessions.


Post-session she refueled with a protein shake or a banana combined with our nut butter or a Chia Charge Protein bar. On longer training sessions out of the water Bridget used a variety of fuels. This included our flapjacks, KMC gels, and chews, rotating every 30-45 minutes.

The Race Day: Energy Management and Strategy

Before the race Bridget had a pasta meal and an electrolyte drink. On the morning of the race her breakfast consisted of a bagel with Chia Charge nut butter and a cup of tea (she is a Yorkshire girl after all).

Her race day splits were:

  • Swim: 1hr 13
  • Bike: Total 7hr 58 (Lap 1: 2:33:41, Lap 2: 2:36:15, Lap 3: 2:49:01)
  • Run: Total = 5hr 18 (Lap 1: 1:06:02, Lap 2: 1:22:17, Lap 3: 1:27:48, Lap 4: 1:22:27)

The end in sight and a smile, or is it a grimace?

Bridget emphasised how our new Apple Crumble bars proved to be an excellent part of her race day fuel, offering the right amount of calories, great flavour, and no melting or stickiness even in the hot weather.

However it was not all plain sailing. The second lap of the run presented a challenge; Bridget recalls "Unfortunately during the 2nd lap I started to get a stomach ache which I think was a combination of food build-up since the evening meal, being in a crouched bike position for 8 hours, and then going straight into a marathon. In training my longest brick was a 6-hour ride with a 3-mile run, so I didn't get the chance for stomach ache to develop. Additionally, I hadn't had breakfast that early or done a swim."

Despite these issues she persevered grazing on snacks and as the temperature dropped, she regained her energy and momentum.

2nd Place Lady Congratulations


The Aftermath: The Glory and Recovery

Post-event Bridget swiftly refueled with a protein shake and banana. Despite the late end to her day she had a light meal - a bagel with cheese, a banana and a cup of tea.

Congratulations, Bridget!

Bridget's achievement fills us with pride and we are delighted that Chia Charge helped in Bridgets epic journey. Her dedication, strategic planning and perseverance are truly inspiring.

Congratulations on your remarkable performance Bridget! Your story stands testament to the fact that with the right training, nutrition and a dash of determination there are no limits to what one can achieve.

Stay tuned for more customer spotlights. Whether you're gearing up for an Ironman or simply seeking a nutritious snack, Chia Charge is here to fuel your journey.

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