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'Why or how do you get so many calories into the Flapjack?'

May 17, 2014

We are always keen to hear feedback on our products as well as answering any questions that come to mind. Recently Caroline emailed in asking 'Why or how do you get so many calories into the Flapjack?', this is not the first time I have been asked this question and I doubt it will be the last, therefore I thought I would compile my answer into a blog post so that others may read it in future. SO here goes.


Some basic facts about energy in food, the calories per gram of carbohydrates and protein are 4 calories per gram, for fat they are 9 calories per gram.

The flapjacks are really intended for people who are undertaking reasonably energetic or prolonged exercise, I am often asked if we will make a smaller one or some mini bars as whole bars can be filling. The wrapper is robust enough that you can take a bit or two and save the rest for later or next day.

The calorific content is I guess the result of the size of the flapjack at 80z and the ingredients that we use, many others are between 40-70g. Looking at the Original sea salt version, it has 378 kcal's per 80g bar, or 4.72 kcal's / gram.

Because I use butter at a reasonable percentage this raises the average kcal's per gram. Most other flapjacks use margarine which often has a lower fat content than butter and can use emulsifiers to bind in water.

I think if you are running 10Ks, consuming a whole flapjack would be useful if say, you were running at 6pm, you'd had a light lunch and then were peckish in the afternoon and ate the flapjack between 4 and 5.30pm. OR if it was a morning run starting at 10am, you might have a light breakfast at 6.30-7.30, and then have a nibble on some Chia Charge around 8.30-9.00 am.

You shouldn't need to eat anything whilst running the 10K in my opinion. Even the half marathon, you might take a couple of bites after 40- 60 minutes, but you should practise this in training runs in the lead up to the half marathon.

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