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July 25, 2016

You may have noticed, we love the fact that nutrition can dramatically enhance your workouts, enabling you not only to train longer and harder, but also aid recovery too. Sometimes it can be tricky to understand what you should be eating and when.

Here is our guide to sports nutrition, covering all scenarios.

What to eat before a workout

Before you exercise, it’s important to prepare your body accordingly. For some, working out first thing on an empty tummy is no issue, but if you’re working out any later in the day, by the time your body has woken up and is feeling low on fuel, you need to provide it with something to get the most out of your workout. A body low on fuel may peak earlier, and you may not be able to put as much power or energy into your workout if you don’t first fuel your body.

Eat a small snack around an hour before you train that is high in protein and low glycemic index carbs. Our protein bars are ideal, as are our nut butters spread on rye bread.

What to eat during

When you are taking part in exercise that requires endurance, such as a 10k, marathon, triathlon or similar, you might find you need to fuel your body as you train as your glucose stores get used up. When this happens, you need something that will offer an instant glucose hit. Lots of people swear by our flapjacks as they provide a quick energy boost, backed up by slow release carbs, to keep you going and ensure you make it to the end of the race! Try our mini flapjacks which are easy to fit into pockets and provide a carbohydrate boost.

What to eat after a workout

After your workout, you need to eat something high in protein, to start the recovery process. When we exercise, particularly with weights, are muscles are damaged. This is how we build stronger muscles, as when they are damaged our body rebuilds them to be stronger, making the body more efficient. In order to aid this recovery process, a meal or snack high in protein is essential. If you’re on the go, a protein bar is ideal, or why not try a chia seed pudding (see our tiktok for recipes), with chia seeds being high in protein and essential amino acids.

You can get a selection of bars to cover before during and after a workout with our sample pack, just £10!

You can get so much more from your workout when you use nutrition accordingly, try these tips to increase progress.