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October 30, 2018

When it comes to running nutrition we all tend to focus on the fuel we are going take out with us. If you are anything like me spending an ungodly amount of time deliberating on the perfect energy/weight/eat ability ratio of everything under the sun. And while what we take out with us is incredibly important, especially for the longer runs we do of ten miles and more, so is what we eat before we leave the house or cross the start line.

There's no one magic food that will be right as a pre run snack for every runner, but these tips will help guide you towards you're perfect pre run routine. 


Chia Charge Your Training

1. Be Hydrated. 

Ok so hydration might not strictly count as pre run nutrition but believe me when I say it's just as important (if not more so). If you're an early morning runner, have an extra 500ml of water the evening before and then sip another 500ml as you are getting ready for your run.

If you prefer to run later in the day, make sure that you keep your water intake up throughout the day (the easiest way to check is if your wee is straw coloured). 

2. Find the Right Food 

As most folks eat three meals a day within an occasional snack here and there, it makes sense to plan your run around these meals to keep it simple.

  • Run Before Breakfast - A light snack, carb rich but easy on your tummy (A mini flapjack would be perfect)
  • Run After Breakfast  - A bowl of porridge or Granola & Yogurt (drink plenty of water too)
  • Run Before Lunch - A simple snack, with lots of energy but easily digested. 
  • Run After Lunch - Rice and chicken or a tuna jacket potato. 
  • Run Before Tea - A simple snack, with lots of energy and easy on your tummy.  
  • Run After Tea - If you have to run after Tea then eat a light dinner pre run and then refuel afterwards with either another light meal or a big snack - a peanut butter and jam sandwich would be perfect. 


3. Time it Right.   

Finding the right timing window for you doesn't have to be tricky but it does require a little trial and error. Start of by eating a snack or light meal that you are comfortable with 90 minutes before your next run. 

If that works well for you, on your next run try that exact same snack 75 minutes before you head out. Continue knocking off 15 minutes until you find your perfect time. Alternatively if you experience any stomach issues, eat 15 minutes later until you find .

Keep tweaking this timing routine until you discover the closest time you can eat before you start to get even the slightest of tummy troubles.