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August 15, 2016

Meet the adventure peaks  ‪#‎everest summit team. From left to right:
Me (Mick Allen), Andy Taylor, Andrew James, Andrew Smith, Alistair Ball & Chris Harling.

Back in April an Adventure Peaks Expedition set out to cover LhakpaRi, North Col and Everest. Here at Chia Charge we were honoured to supply the team with some much need energy supplies, after all Everest isn’t for the fainthearted or under fuelled. We supplied the team with a range of flavour of the Chia Charge flapjacks so that everyone could find a flavour they loved, whilst receiving essential Protein from the Chia Seeds.

Whilst the team were on the trip we received regular updates from both Mick and members of the expedition team in the UK as to their progress. The team set out on the 25th April and arrived at the summit on the 21st May. This may seem like a long time but the climb to the summit of Everest needs to be broken down in order for the team to be physically and mentally strong. Although a challenge many want to and have conquered as Mick put it ‘it’s not worth dying for’, as we all know accidents can happen and Everest is tough and volatile environment. The team also sensibly decided to take Oxygen tanks for the final accent. Altitude sickness is due to a lack of Oxygen and is pretty nasty, it can come on quite suddenly as it is a physical response to ‘thin air’, Oxygen tanks can prevent and reduce the effects by providing the oxygen the body require to continue. However you look at it the climb is tough and congratulations to Mick and the team on the successful Expedition.

You can read more about this expedition and others by going to Adventure Peaks website.

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