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December 19, 2016

Christmas comes around every year and there's always one thing in short supply and that is time.

In all our busy-ness we’re thinking about the next errand or thing to be done, cooking, washing, shopping, running , cycling, gym class or lifting session.

If you can spare some time or even better plan  and organise things, it can be the smallest things that will create the longest lasting and happiest memories.


Here's our list of 3 to kick you off

1. Family and friends time 

Near or far we often don’t just sit and chat with family or friends enough. Why don’t you plan some time to do nothing with your nearest and dearest, with no agenda, just doing nowt, you might just enjoy it and I’m sure they will too.

2. Voluntary Time

There are lots of ways of giving your own time for the community. Park Runs are weekly, local races or sportives, or with charities, on a regular or irregular basis, find out how you might be able to help a local charity, hospice or animal shelter.

3. Me Time

Training and exercise, brisk morning walks, some quiet on your own or with your partner, it will let you reflect calmly and plan your future.


    I guarantee if you spend a bit of time helping your partner wrap those last few prezzies this week, it will be time well spent.

    Let us know of your successes and have a great break, Merry Christmas

    Tim & Lisa (wrapping presents) @ Chia Charge