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June 21, 2017

Lynne isn’t a professional athlete, she doesn’t ride for a big team or get her expenses paid for by a host of sponsors. Lynne trains on her own time, fitting sessions in around work and life’s other commitments. Simply put Lynne is just like you and I, a normal person with a real penchant for fitness. And that love of fitness is how Lynne first became a Chia Charge customer, looking for anything to make the infamously tough (and suspiciously long) Goathland Hardmoors 10k any easier (which she assures it did). Over the coming months we want to tell the stories of our amazing customers and what they do with all that Chia energy.


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This is Lynne's Story

To a triathlete like Lynne, everything can be broken up into the big three. Everything she does in training is to either make her faster in the water, on the saddle or on the run, which should all being equal add up to a faster time come race day. Triathlons are not a place for weaknesses, even more so in the Half Ironmans that Lynne competed in, for the uninitiated that’s a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride and a 20.1km run all back to back. A confident swimmer and a strong runner, cycling was the one piece of the puzzle that never quite clicked for Lynne. So when breast cancer forced Lynne to take a long layoff from training it seemed only right that she started back up her with the ride of a lifetime. A 7 day 910km ride through the




The Haute Route

To many people going from being a weak cyclist to attempting one of the toughest amateur challenges out there might sound, well mad, but Lynne has never been one to shy away from a challenge. And the Haute Route was the perfect test for her to show herself that nothing can keep her from doing what she loves. Combine that motivation with one of the most enticing Facebook Adverts for an event ever produced, for a race that is unofficially billed as the Amateur Tour de France and it’s no surprise she signed up on the spot.


In case things sounded too easy for Lynne, there is one last extra difficulty added to the mix, she is doing 99% of her training for a ride with over 19000 meters of vertical ascent in Yorkshire. While Yorkshire might be home to beautiful scenery and great flapjacks it certainly isn’t known for it’s challenging climbs.


Lynne’s solution - Ride small hills harder...