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November 15, 2017

It's that time of year again where you have to start wracking your mind for what to buy folks for Christmas. It's not an easy thing to do either, to get a well thought and meaningful gift for someone that they will actually love and use. But if that certain someone is a cyclist, then it just got a whole lot easier because we just did the work for you. 

1. Chamois Cream 

Chafing is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about on Christmas morning but put those reservations to one side. Chamois Cream is the gift every cyclist wants but doesn't want to ask for, it just makes being in the saddle a whole lot more comfortable.   

Big Spender - Bikemonger's Happy Bottom Bum Butter

On a Budget - Purple Harry

2. Tools

For some people working on their bikes is a chore to be done only when needed, for others however it brings almost as much joy as the time spent behind the handlebars. Either way all cyclists will appreciate anything that can make getting their bike road or trail worthy again that bit easier. 

Big Spender - Xtreme All2gether XL tool box

On a Budget - BIRZMAN Multitool

Bonus - Muc Off 


3. Chia Charge

Did someone say a pocket sized natural alternative to sickly gels? We certainly did, our flapjacks are designed to provide you with the energy you need, when you need it the most and because they are only made from real ingredients they won't upset your tummy either. Treat your friends and family to a box of delicious Chia Charge flapjacks.


4. Tracking

Cycling at the highest level is all about inches, seconds and grams. These little bits all add up, riding that little bit further than the last session, getting up a hill a little bit quicker is the difference between a PB at your next race and slow finish. But when the variables are so small how do you track them accurately? With technology, of course. This can get a little pricey quick for even the most generous gift but there are options. 

Big Spender - Bryton Rider 100e

On a Budget - Strava Premium Membership 

5. Gloves

Secretly everyone loves the idea of a white Christmas, there's just something magical about looking at the window and watching the snow falling while you're all warm inside. The downside of winter though is how quickly riding in the cold can become an exercise in misery if you're not prepared. Keep your cyclist happy and safe this winter with a decent pair of gloves!    

Big Spender - Specialized Element 2.0

On a Budget -  Endura FS260 Pro Nemo

6. Anti Puncture Tyres


Getting a puncture sucks, there is absolutely nothing fun about it. Make someones Christmas by making punctures a thing of the past. Each bikes different so we can't give you a direct link but Wiggle has plenty of options here.  


7. To Be Seen on the Road

As the nights get darker and the weather gets worse, visibility on the road for both motorists and cyclists drops dramatically. Keep those close to you safe and get them a gift that could save their lives. 

Big Spender - Reflective Jacket

On a Budget - Aspace Rechargeable Light