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October 20, 2023


We love a bit of marshalling, almost as much as running in an event, so we try and give something back if we have time and help out in whatever roles are needed as marshals, maybe this will motivate you to give it a go too!

 Bloworth Crossing 


Ever fancied soaking up the exhilarating atmosphere of a trail race without the hard graft of running it? Or perhaps you're nursing a niggly knee and missing the buzz of the running community? Well, let me tell you about a fantastic way to get involved and still be at the heart of it all - marshalling!

Marshalling is't just standing about waving arms; it's an experience - it's about becoming a pivotal part of the event, ensuring everyone's safety and, most importantly, cheering on, fuelling up and motivating those brave souls tackling the trail. .

Top 5 Tips for Trail Race Marshalling:

  1. Dress for the Weather, Not the Catwalk: It might be parky out, so wear warm, comfy layers. Remember, you could be out there for a good stretch!
  2. Know Your Territory: Get clued up on the course layout. No one wants to be told they're "nearly there" when there's miles to go!
  3. Bring The Noise: Clapping's grand, but why not get a whistle or even a cowbell? Go on, make some racket and lift those runners' spirits.
  4. Keep Contacts Close: Have emergency numbers at the ready. Let's hope you won't need 'em, but best be prepared.
  5. Wear a Smile: It's free, and it makes a world of difference. Your energy can give a runner that much-needed boost!

Roseberry Topping during the Hardmoors 110


5 Benefits of Marshalling:

  1. Community Connection: Stay rooted in the trail running community, even if you're not racing.
  2. Discover New Routes: See parts of the course you might want to conquer yourself someday.
  3. Share the Day: Get your non-running mates, partner, or young'uns involved. Make it a day out!
  4. Give Back: Races wouldn't happen without the dedicated marshal team. Play your part in the magic.
  5. Boost Your Well-being: Nothing beats the feeling of being part of something bigger, and trust me, the gratitude from runners is genuine and heartwarming.

Fancy dress on the Lakeland 50 Checkpoint at Howtown  

So, whether you're an avid trail runner looking to give back, someone wanting a fresh outdoor experience, or perhaps introducing a friend to the joys of the trail community, marshalling is your ticket in. Dive in, embrace it, and you'll soon realise that there's nowt like being in the thick of a thrilling trail race day.

One of the Hardmoors signs!

And remember, even if you're not pounding the trail, you're still part of the adventure!