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July 01, 2014

Please could you introduce yourself? What events do you take part in?

My name is Katie Keeble, I am 32 years old and enjoy running road races, obstacle races and trail running. I am also working on strength training to potentially compete at crossfit/fitness events. I now do all my training outside and train at a crossfit box.

What do you see as your biggest achievement to date as an athlete? Do you have any personal goals you are working towards?

Fair few wins in 2013. I've never finished out of the top 3 in any event if I have lined up to race competitively - except for one DNF with a sore hamstring. Personal goals are to bring down my 10km; half marathon time, but also to lift my own body weight (push press/clean).

Bucket list?

Fan Dance and to compete at a Fitness Event

What is a training session like for you? Where do you train?

I mostly train outside. An ideal session is along the river. 6-10 miles, hitting a couple of quicker miles within that run. My sessions can include hill sprints, flat sprints, interval training. I also use local park runs as a form of training. I don't usually register, normally I'm the first female home and top 8 overall.

I train strength 3-4 times a week. Attending classes at CrossFit ISC. With this I am able to work on body weight gymnastic skills eg ring dips, pull ups or press ups. The classes also offer strength training such as dead lifts, squats, push pressing. I'm lucky in that at the box where I train the instructors are sticklers for technique. Strength training has really improved my running form and helped me stay pretty much injury free.

Do you have a day job/social life/family/pets?

I work as Sister on a busy surgical ward. If I am not working, training or eating I'm generally sleeping. I love my job.

How do you find the time to train?

If anything I have a tendency to over train. I have to listen to those around me and keep the hours in check.

What’s the hardest thing you face in training? What keeps you going?

Again over training. I love the outdoors, the feeling you get while running. I'm happy to run with others/alone. I love the summer months for the daylight, I love the winter for the challenging elements and conditions on the ground. Food, sleep, friends and family keep me going. Also having a race in the diary helps.

Do you plan nutrition in to your training? Ever had any weight issues? What are the biggest issues around fuelling?

I try and plan nutrition into my training, but sometimes life takes over. I can really feel if I haven't been fuelling my body properly. I tend to eat every couple of hours, a mixture of protein, good fats, greens and appropriate carbohydrates. I've never really had weight issues, I guess my body has changed over the years, adapted to the running and strength training.

Fuel your training with Chia Charge flapjacks!

Biggest issues around fuelling can be dehydration and stomach cramps. This is a really hard balance to find for me. Not enough food/liquid I get stomach cramps, too much food/liquid I get stomach cramps!

Can you tell us about your favourite Chia Charge products and how you will use them in your training and events?

Can I have 4? Firstly the Original Flapjack provide the perfect post training fuel for me. I find intense racing/training suppresses my appetite. The salt flakes in the original bars fire up my taste buds to want more than a mouthful, I then am able to drink more - all needed for recovery.

I have never been able to eat bananas pre-training/race due to cramps, but the Banana Chia Charge Flapjacksare perfectly digestible, giving you that pre-race kick.

The Trail Mix seeds make a great topping to any dish, or a snack on the go.

I genuinely am getting on very well with these products and am increasingly finding them essential to my training/racing routine.

What’s your next event?

The Obstacle on the 5th of July, I'll be competing in the individual along side Rich Pringle, Sam Cherry, Steve Hammond, Adam Shaw, Zak Horsley, Adam Cracknell, Lucy Martlew, Ryan Blake & Blake Mitchell as part of RPCC Elite OCR racing team.

Is there a season in OCR?

Crazily enough, no! Love The Water in February :-)

Do you have any goals for the season/year? Longer term?

I've qualified for the World Championships in Ohio this October, I want to be a true contender for these games. Longer term maybe take one element of what I do already and excel, however I might take on a triathlon next!

A huge thanks to Katie for answering out questions and good luck for this season, in particular for Ohio in October!

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