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March 24, 2020

I can't be the only one who was hoping that all this extra time on our hands (no commuting being one of the few perks of this whole malarkey) would mean that I could get in those extra runs. I'd envisioned myself going out twice a day, once at sunrise and again as it's starting to set. However last night's new announcement threw a slight spanner in the works.


The new rules are that we can still go out for a run, a walk or a bike ride but just once a day. This means one form of exercise, not one of each. While any form of restrictions can make you feel trapped, you can do a lot with one run a day without putting yourself or others at risk. Here's how

1. Run Smart

You can't run hard and long everyday. Going from your normal three runs a week to 7 long runs in as many days will leave you wrecked before the weeks over let alone the lockdown. Instead mix it up, run long one day, speed work another and then make the rest easy runs or even rides or walks. When we say easy we mean it, cut right back on the time spent running and the pace.

Easy means easy. 


2. Do what you can at home

In the past you might of gone out easy for five minutes, stopped for a few stretches or drills and then done the same as your run comes to a close. Instead get your heart rate up with a few body weight movements and stretches at home before hand and do the same with your cool down.

Plus just because you can go out doesn't mean you have to, there are plenty of workouts you can do at home that will help you work on your weaknesses. As the gyms have closed and personal trainers forced to stop working, there is more online content and live training sessions than ever before.

3. Run Loops

The guidelines for what constitutes a daily run are pretty vague. But it seems sensible to assume that the less people you can come into contact with the better. If you live with the trails on your doorstep then make the most of them as they should be the quietest they've been in years.

If you live somewhere a bit more built up, you're not quite as lucky. Instead find somewhere quiet and run loops of it, for me this means the bus park near my house. This might sound mind numbingly boring and it can be but it will train your mind to be resilient as well as your body.

4. Be Safe

If you're working from home, you've got a lot more flexibility with your schedule, getting up at 5 am to go run 10 miles before work or going out at 9pm when it's likely to be quieter are all sensible precautions. So is wearing gloves, running on your own and washing your gloves and hands thoroughly when you get back.

Stay safe folks