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June 01, 2019

It's June and I really shouldn't be having to write about running in the rain, but alas here we are. The weather is miserable and the amount of runners I see out each morning is depleting with each successively grim day. With some decent waterproofs though running in the rain doesn't need to be something to shy away from. Don't believe me?

Here are four reasons to love running in the rain. 

1. Hood Up - Head Down

The thought of getting out the waterproofs, wrapping up and stepping out that front door in a rainstorm can be fairly uninviting. Once you're out there however, with rain pattering down on your hood and splashing onto your face there is nothing quite like it.

You can lose yourself in that constant drip drop, block out the world and focus on your running better than you ever could with a pair of headphones. 

2. It's Quieter

Lets face it, most folks just don't like being out in the rain and when it starts to really come down those trails and pavements, that are normally full of pedestrians and cyclists alike get an awful lot quieter.

Meaning that you can run completely uninterrupted without having to worry about having to weave in and out of push chairs and skateboarders.    


3. You're Getting an Edge

I once heard that Daley Thompson used to train twice on Christmas day just because he knew that no one else would be and that idea of training when your competition isn't has always stuck with me.

Now I'm pretty sure that Daley could of easily scheduled Christmas Day to fall on a rest day or even on a easy training day. But he chose to do those sessions on his own to make him tougher. Running in all weathers is just like that it, it means that when you stand on the start line you know you haven't taken any short cuts or the easy way out. Even if the only person you are competing against is yourself.   

4. It Might be Raining on Race Day 

Even if you only cherry pick your races for the supposedly warmer months, you can't predict what the weather will throw at on race day. We've all done races in the middle of winter where you're worried about sun burn and others in mid summer where freezing is more of a concern (especially during the nights).

The only way to know how to handle the worst that mother nature can offer is to train in the elements regardless of the weather. Just think of each wet and cold training sessions as recce runs, but instead of scouting out the terrain you are scouting out how you and your kit will hold up in the bad weather.  




So get out there and enjoy the wet weather before it's sunny again!

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