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May 04, 2017

Shelli Gordon is not an easy person to track down, fortunately Tim and I managed to find a few minutes with her inbetween the school run, training and work to find out how she is feeling about her first 200 mile race on Friday. Click below to see our short interview.


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Finding the time to run can be hard. That's as true for a top ultra distance runner training for a 200 mile single stage race (as Shelli is) or a newbie getting in the work for their first 5k, time is one of the biggest obstacles. 

Adversity though causes some to break and others to break records and Shelli Gordon most definitely breaks records. Juggling work (both with the Police and at her new shop Let's Run), raising her two children, training and looking after ponies all with a seemingly effortless ease. A schedule that won't be getting any easier in the future either, as Shelli and her partner Tony's shop, Let's Run is only getting busy. The Stokesly based running store has only been open a few months but has already established a solid reputation for amongst serious runners.  

 Shelli has proved her self the dominating force in the Hardmoors series. For those of you not familiar with the Hardmoors, these aren't your typical run in the park - far from it. And this Friday at 8 am Shelli will lining up alongside some of the best ultra runners in the country for the toughest event in the series to date, the Hardmoors 200.


A one off especially grueling race, even for the notoriously tough Hardmoors. This one off special edition will as the name suggests, see runners traversing 200 miles of the roughest terrain that Yorkshire has to offer. Just to finish the course would alone be the achievement of the lifetime for most, but despite what her humble attitude might suggest, Shelli Gordon is not most people. A phenomenal athlete with a heart of gold, who despite holding multiple records in the Series, really is just out there for the experience and the camaraderie.