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August 13, 2023

For some the the idea of healthy diet and exercise on holiday is the exact opposite of why you go on holiday, it might be an opportunity to drink and eat a bit more than normal, but you don’t want to undo all of those gains you have made through the last year do you?

More and more lots of us who spend the whole year exercising and considering our diet,   it is an opportunity to exercise  in beautiful locations at convenient times of day and eat leisurely great food without planning down to the last calorie.

But for the rest of us a holiday is less about shutting off and more about a freedom to try new things. New cultures, foods, drinks, places, activities or ideally a mix of all four. If like me, you fit into the latter category then there is absolutely no reason why you should come back from your trip in a worse shape than you when you left.  In fact you might just be surprised at how much better you feel.

Tip One - Relax. Stop Counting Everything

Take off your fitbit, delete the myfitnesspal app from your phone (you can always re-install it later) and relax.  Eat when you’re hungry, move when you get fidgety and enjoy the spontaneity of it all. For everyday life these tracking apps are a marvel that make staying on track infinitely easier, on holiday though it’s a different story, one that can leave you feeling trapped and guilty.  

Tip Two - Move

One thing you can’t escape from when travelling is the travelling itself, hours and hours cramped in the same seated position, whether you're travelling by plane, train or automobile. Make up for it whenever you get the opportunity by moving whenever you can and the chance (airport yoga is a thing).

Once you get to your destination however it’s a different story and a great opportunity to make up for the time in the air. Especially by walking everywhere, not only is walking brilliant exercise but it’s also a fantastic way to explore a new city and discover those you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. .

After being sat on a plane for several hours the thought of sitting still for hours on end under the pretence of sunbathing for some is nothing short of torture. If that sounds like you, find more enjoyable and active ways to get that vitamin D, even if it’s nothing more than getting in the pool (or even better the sea) swimming a couple of lengths while soaking up those rays.



Tip Three - Go Rogue

Enjoy yourself. One of the best parts of going away is that you can let your hair down a little and relax. Want a gin and tonic or two with lunch one day go for it, same goes for that creme brulee that you’ve had your eye on all evening. It’s no different with training/exercise - you’re on holiday not in a training camp, treat it as such.

Leave the running shoes at home (if you’re a runner) and get outside of your comfort zone, maybe even pick up some new skills while you’re at it. Go scuba dive, rock climb, kayak, hire a bike, hell even swimming in the pool is a start! Anything that’s a bit different and looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon.




Tip Four - Go Light at Breakfast

It’s easy to over do the hotel breakfasts, especially with so much on offer, however you might decide to go light now and feel free to eat plenty later in the day, when you are sure to see a number of snacking opportunities and explore new foods you don’t see at home.

Tip Five - Embrace the Changes

You get plenty of opportunity at home to eat the same foods and to drink the same drinks everyday. Don’t go away and do more of the same, not only will you be disappointed that it doesn’t live up to your standards but you’ll miss out on some great opportunities too. Try the local delicacies and eat as much locally grown fruit and veg as you can. It always tastes better at the source.

The same goes for training, don’t go and run on the treadmill in the hotel gym, when you could be out running on the beach. And if you're staying somewhere famous for it’s surfing or  mountain bike trails make the most of it!

Wherever you go and however you choose to spend your time away, enjoy yourself and make sure that you come back refuelled and ready to get back to the real training. Got your own tips for training while away, leave us a comment below.