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February 01, 2023

We are always keen to share news of folk doing great work encouraging others to be active, so of course we are delighted to share this initiative from Eilish McColgan and Michael Rimmer.

Chia Charge sponsored Eilish McColgan, a Commonwealth gold medallist and Olympian, and fellow Olympian Michael Rimmer, have launched "Giving Back to Track," a not-for-profit aimed at inspiring children from all backgrounds to participate in athletics and lead an active lifestyle.


The organization will provide support to young athletes in Scotland who may struggle with the cost of participating in the sport, including covering the cost of facilities, training kit, and club fees.

The scholarship fund will support female athletes with expenses and equipment, while the coaching grant will support three individuals to become Scottish Athletics Coaching certified.

Giving Back to Track will also support primary schools in opening up after-school athletics clubs and regional active schools, providing everyone the chance to try athletics. You can support the project by subscribing to their newsletter and donating directly.

There's a link here and in the picture below.