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November 02, 2022

We've all heard the old saying "Winter miles equals summer smiles", but is slogging away with tonnes of slow steady pace work really the key to being the best runner you can for the summer season? Or should you be doing the complete opposite and spending the snowy months focusing on developing speed and strength? We think the latter might just be the answer!

Here are 3 reasons to ditch the distance work this winter and start speeding up.

Reason 1 - You Have to Run Fast to Run Fast

There are no two ways about it, you don't get fast by running slow. The simplest and easiest way to get faster is to start running faster in training. This does not mean that you have to forgo all distance work for short, sharp sprints this winter if you want PBs in 2019. But it does mean that you should start adding in at least one speed session a week!  See our blog on Tempo Runs to find out how.


Reason 2 - Variety is the spice of Life

We all love running and for many of us the longer the better! But even for the most die hard distance fanatics, a little variety in training can do wonders for the winter motivation (even if it's just making the long runs seem more appealing). More than that though adding a little variety into your training sessions is a fantastic way to reduce your risk of injury, especially if you vary the terrain and incline as well as the tempo.   

Reason 3 - You've been running slow all Summer

The summer season is made for the long slow runs. The sun is out and the days go on and on forever, whereas winter is cold. The days come to a halt far too early and more often than not it's raining. Fortunately neither of these things really effect you having a good speed session. 

Warm up thoroughly and wear a few layers and you can be home and drying off in no time with a great workout behind you!

Fuel your training and go faster