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April 01, 2020

Running is a fantastic way to get and stay fit. It requires no equipment, can be done anywhere completely on your own and works for all fitness levels. It is also great fun once you get started, so here are 5 tips to do just that.

1. Start with what you've got

One of my favourite things about running is that it requires nothing more than a comfortable pair of trainers (and if you're brave enough to go barefoot not even that). Don't worry about getting fancy running shoes or buying fancy accessories just yet, just put on some comfortable (ideally active) clothes and a pair of trainers with a bit of bounce in them and get going. If/when you fall in love with running you can add kit to your collection as and when you need it. 

2. Go Easy 

It might be tempting to try and run a silly distance on your first ever outing and you might even be able to do it. That time. Your body however won't thank you the next day and you'll be too sore to go out again any time soon.

Instead take it easy in the beginning and build up your distance over time. Start with your first ever run at between a mile and two at a moderate pace and when that becomes comfortable add a little bit the next time. 

3. Find some music

Starting to run is a lot easier when you have something to take your mind off how tired you may feel. If you can't find a running buddy or prefer to go solo, try finding a good playlist to listen to. Everyone is different, with some listening to dramatic movie soundtracks and others podcasts (try Run to the Hills), but if like me you want something upbeat and fast then you can listen to our playlist "Workout with Chia Charge" on Spotify.



4. Don't Get Bored

There's much more to running than just plodding along the same old route at the same old pace. Once you start to get comfortable with just jogging along, mix things up a little bit with some speed work. Find a hill or a set of stairs and run up them as fast as you, walk down again and repeat 10 ten times. Or find a long, quiet street and use the lamp posts as markers. 

  • Walk one lamp post
  • Jog one lamp post
  •  Run one lamp post
  • Sprint one lamp post
  • Repeat until tired


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5. Join the Community

Even if you aren't able to pop down to your local running club for support, there's a huge online running scene which is super welcoming. Just search Facebook for running groups or download Strava on your phone and join in. 


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