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One of life’s great pleasures - "Allow to cool and get dunking."

One of life’s great pleasures - "Allow to cool and get dunking."

February 24, 2017

Thanks to Kim Cavill for this great quick and easy recipe, can't say the same for the title though!  Only kidding Kim! Refined sugar free 4 ingredient cookies A nice cup of tea and a sit down is obviously one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you’re the PG Tips, Earl Grey or heck, even peppermint type, taking a few minutes to enjoy a warm beve...

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Chia Charge REVIEW: Fuelling Me Far

Chia Charge REVIEW: Fuelling Me Far

December 30, 2016

Thanks Ellen for writing the following review, good luck with running and your blog for 2017. Ellen   writes a blog called TeenRunner blog  where she records her running journey, yoga , food, training and more.  I’m going to be very straight with you guys, I really do love this brand. Whether it’s the chia seed flapjacks or cashe...

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How to: Expedition Eating - How not to waste away

August 29, 2016

Photo: Alpine climbing in the Himalaya

Expedition eating: how to embrace the alpine ethic without wasting away - By Will Harris

Ask an experienced alpinist what climbing big mountains is like, and after extolling the virtues of stunning views, shared experiences, life-affirming challenges and the afterglow of snatched success or glorious failure the realities of being cold, hungry and occasionally scared will emerge. Some will argue that it is in enduring the freezing temperatures, confronting our fears of real or imagined dangers, and subsiding on barely sufficient rations which makes our experiences on mountains so visceral.

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How to hydrate yourself and feel better for it

August 16, 2016

Getting hydrated and staying that was is a great place too be for all sorts of reasons, you’ll feel better and more energised.   Feeling tired, getting dizzy or lacking energy could be signs of dehydration, so it’s worth paying attention to your fluid intake.

Getting your hydration right can have so many great effects on your body, skin,  energy levels and overall health so it’s worth thinking about it and trying to add a few tactics everyday to your health improvement plans.  A bit of thoughtful evolution can work better in the long term than a lot of revolution. Why don’t you try and pick up a few ideas here and let us know if you’ve been able to turn these into some great long term habits?

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Chia Charge on Everest!

August 15, 2016

Meet the adventure peaks  ‪#‎everest summit team. From left to right:
Me (Mick Allen), Andy Taylor, Andrew James, Andrew Smith, Alistair Ball & Chris Harling.

Back in April an Adventure Peaks Expedition set out to cover LhakpaRi, North Col and Everest. Here at Chia Charge we were honoured to supply the team with some much need energy supplies, after all Everest isn’t for the fainthearted or under fuelled. We supplied the team with a range of flavour of the Chia Charge flapjacks so that everyone could find a flavour they loved, whilst receiving essential Protein from the Chia Seeds.

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Three Ways to Use Chia Seeds

August 08, 2016

Chia seeds can be a fantastic addition to your diet. High in protein, fiber, omega-3, calcium, potassium and magnesium, chia seeds are a really simple way to increase daily nutrients and ensure your body is fighting fit. Particularly great if you are exercising regularly, due to their high protein content chia seeds are perfect to assist the body with repairing and regenerating muscle.

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The Superfoods to Add to your Daily Diet

August 01, 2016

Super food’ has been somewhat of a buzzword in the industry over the last 12 months. There’s even now a channel four programme specifically dedicated to glorious superfoods! With many of us coming round to the idea of fueling our bodies primarily with nutritionally dense foods, we are adding more and more superfoods to our daily diet, but which provide the most benefits…

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Sports Nutrition: Pre, During and Post Workout

July 25, 2016

You may have noticed, we love the fact that nutrition can dramatically enhance your workouts, enabling you not only to train longer and harder, but also aid recovery too. Sometimes it can be tricky to understand what you should be eating, depending on whether you’re about to workout, you’ve just finished or you need a little boost during.

Here is our guide to sports nutrition, covering all scenarios…

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Vegan Chia Seed Flapjacks...

July 09, 2016

You'll love these and you can happily share Vegan Chia Seed Flapjacks From Chia Charge

Is there anyone who doesn’t like flapjacks? They’ve become a favourite amongst fitness types because they provide a quick release of long lasting carbs from the oats, taste great and are easy to carry in your bag. I’ve been making…

Is there anyone who doesn’t like flapjacks? They’ve become a favourite amongst fitness types because they provide a quick release of long lasting carbs from the oats, taste great and are easy to carry in your bag.

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Chia Fuelled travels across Europe

June 22, 2016

I have been supported by Tim and Chia Charge for a good year or so now and his products are not only natural and delicious they are super for general snacking as well as providing energy for endurance sports or even fuelling those high intensity sessions.

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Chia Charged Chicken

June 16, 2016

The Chia nut butters are so versatile, I have tried them on toast and they are both delicious but my favourite is the one with coconut. I thought it tasted like it would be amazing with chicken so decided to have a little experiment with flavours and see what happened.

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May 19, 2016

Chia Charge is supporting a group riding from Glasgow to Benenden in Kent, via York, a 600 mile route! We asked registered nutritionist, author and ultra runner Renee Mc Gregor for her advice on how to prepare the fuelling element of the adventure. Prepare yourself for some spectacular Scenery . Thank you to Sport Sunday for the photos in this ...

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